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Energetic protection is critical not only for the self, but for the home. Last summer, I bought a house for the first time after renting for years. The decision was not without stress, but once I found the right home I knew that I was going to spend many years here. I could envision hours spent gardening in the large backyard, reading in the cozy living room, as well as time spent with friends and family on the front porch and in the well-lit, welcoming interior – once the pandemic is finally past, of course.

I also knew, however, that a bit of energetic protection work would have to be done before I could truly settle in and feel safe and at home. Cleansing and warding a new home is incredibly important and should be done as soon as possible – and there are many ways this can be carried out.

I was fortunate enough, through a series of strange circumstances, to be able to meet the former owners of my new home, and they were lovely people who had lived there for decades. As soon as I toured the house, I could feel its warm, friendly energy – there was no major negativity that needed to be banished. I cleansed anyway as soon as I moved in, just to make the space my own.

Cleansing a New Home

There are many ways you can cleanse a space. One of the most well-know is smoke cleansing with sage, and in the spirit of full disclosure, this is what I did, using a sage bundle that had been gifted to me a while ago. Due to over-harvesting and the tricky issue of cultural appropriation, however, I recommend alternatives to store-bought white sage. Rosemary is a wonderful option, as is mugwort, thyme, lavender, lemongrass, and many, many other herbs that can be grown or harvested locally, depending on where you live.

Mugwort is a wonderful cleansing herb.

A space can also be cleansed with sound. A bell, a drum, or even your own hands clapping can break up stagnant energy. Whichever method you’re using, make sure to send the smoke or sound vibrations into each corner of each room, and open doors and windows to usher the old energy out and create room for the new.

Energetic Protection and Wards

Once cleansing is done, it’s time to think about energetic protection so that negative energy stays out. Like cleansing, there are a multitude of ways you can go about warding and protecting your home, and I chose to do several. First, I chose to grid my house with crystals. I placed selenite, which removes negative energy and promotes peace, and black tourmaline, which grounds and protects, in the four corners of the ground floor of my home.

Selenite also amplifies the energy of anything placed on top of it, so if you can place your black tourmaline atop your selenite, it results in an even more powerful shield.

A note – don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystals before placing them. Selenite should be kept out of water, so you can either set them in a bowl of salt or cleanse them with smoke or sound, just like you’ve cleansed your house.

Charging can be done by letting your crystals sit under the full or new moon (again, make sure to protect your selenite from getting wet!). I also like to meditate with my crystals to fully charge them with my intentions.


While placing my crystals, I envisioned protective energy radiating from them and connecting the four corners of my house, rising up and sinking down to envelop the whole structure. I also did a separate ritual in which I extended energy over the whole of my property, including the yard.

You’ll want to refresh your energetic protection regularly, something that I admit I need to get better at. One suggestion is to cleanse at the new moon and refresh your wards at the full moon, making it a monthly habit.

Finally, I made a wreath out of rosemary, one of the best protective herbs available, and lavender, which I love for its associations with peace as well. I then hung it on my front door; a wreath is a wonderful way to both protect your home and invite in the elements that you want as well, such as peace, prosperity, or love. Mine is very simple, but you can make yours as complex as you like, adding in ribbons of different colors or even small crystals.

wreath for energetic protection
My rosemary and lavender wreath.

Those are just a few of the ways you can make your home a safe and peaceful place. You can also add extra energetic protection over certain rooms, such as spaces where you’re going to be working spells; take a look at this magickal balancing oil for your tools, home and self as well.  

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